More sales and profit because your products are listed in important stores.

Position yourself as the best supplier. So that you put down a rock-solid foundation for future revenue and margin growth.

….so that you can quickly start to become the best in your category. There is limited space.

More sales and profit because your products are listed in important stores.

Position yourself as the best supplier. So that you put down a rock-solid foundation for future revenue and margin growth.

….so that you can quickly start to become the best in you category. There is limited space.

Do you recognize this?

Make the impact you have in mind with your products

You want to know exactly when a retailer is going to adopt a product, so you can focus on what you need to do, to get on more shelves as quickly as possible. Any objections that the retailer raises, you want to be able to remove. In fact, you want to prevent them.

You want to have an ideal product range, where both you and the retailer earn more than enough, so that you can continue to invest in growth. In addition, you want to be able to come to good commercial agreements. Every dollar you invest, you want to invest in the right things. If you have to do promotions, you have a clear idea of which possibilities there are and which methods offer the most added value.

You want to feel that you can make decisions quickly, so that you stay
ahead of the competition and that you can continue doing with what
you are good at.

The time is now

There are more and more sustainable initiatives on the market that make the world a little better. That’s fantastic, but it also means that you have to make speed as a company. Make sure you’re a first mover.

I have been working in the food industry for more than 15 years and have sat at the table of many retailers. Here I have put a lot of innovations on the market. So I understand exactly what you need to do to impress, achieve growth and build a professional relationship with your customer.

When you work with me, you learn how to conquer the retail world, how to build a strong story, remove any barriers and really bring something to the retailer.

We set a rock-solid foundation so that you can also generate sustainable growth for your company in retail. You not only want to get on those shelves, but you also want to earn enough and stay on those shelves.

In 4 months you will make huge steps. You get access to tools and working methods that you can always use. Truly an investment in the future of your business.

After this process:

And most importantly: you have invested in a sustainable future for your company.

Our customers and partners include:

Retailtraject plantaardige producten I The GreenUp Company

What the process entails

I would like to discuss this with you in a conversation. I share what opportunities I see for you and what is needed for that.  I take into account the phase in which your company is and what it takes to get your products on (more) shelves. In such a way that they also stay there.

If you’re like me, then you don’t think the practical interpretation is that important. However, we achieve results as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Do you want to know what opportunities I see for you?

Bonus in this programme

For customers who are on board before the 1st of June, the following bonuses apply.


A proven method to come up with innovations every mutation moment. In this way, we ensure a tight introduction to customers and you set the foundation for your next innovations.


Made by a financial strategist / CFO (formerly Ahold). With this model you come to an (even better) budget and you set up a tight financial basis. This is hugely important.

I'm Danielle Mol...

… founder of The GreenUp Company. It is my mission to make plant-based eating the norm within retail. By helping suppliers grow. By becoming the best. GreenUp, in other words.


When I started working almost 15 years ago, it was my dream to make a big career. This resulted in me making huge strides in my career and as a 33-year-old as a commercial manager was responsible for 80 million euros in turnover.

Still, it didn’t make me happy. After a period in which I made a fantastic world trip and travelled overland to India, I decided to commit myself to companies that contribute to my mission. Now I combine my commercial experience with my experience as a consumer. I myself have been eating vegetables for five years.

I am extremely ambitious and like to work with companies that share this ambition and want to continuously improve. That’s why I want to help you become the best in the category. That starts from your launch. You only put the basics right once.

“We can now make better decisions in our strategy.”

Danielle helped us to identify the opportunities and threats on the supermarket shelf. Her report allowed us to make better decisions in our strategy. Danielle is passionate about her work and really submerges herself in the product and the world around it. Her calm, proactive approach and structured way of working meant that we really benefitted from working with her.

Chantal Engelen I Dutch Edamame

“Through the collaboration, we have discovered new growth opportunities.”

The collaboration with Danielle has been very good. With her input we have been able to improve our trade marketing. Through her experience and knowledge, she brings interesting insights.

Mark Duppen I Commercial

Manager Limax Mushrooms

This process is for companies that:

  • Are relatively new in the market. If you already have some sales within small retailers or foodservice, this programme is perfect for your move to larger customers and will suit you. If you have already been working with many large customers in the Netherlands via the head office, I would be happy to help you further in The Next Level. If you are not sure which route is best for you, we can always discuss this in a call.
  • Contribute to the plant-based transition. Your product doesn't have to be (entirely) vegan, as long as it contributes to plant-based products becoming the norm. I also love working with companies that contribute to more vegetable and/or legume consumption.