Interview with Ellen from Natuurell

Danielle Mol I The GreenUp Company

The past year I have expanded my network enormously when it comes to meeting other entrepreneurs who are committed to the transition to more plant-based.

I also came in contact with Ellen and we exchanged messages every now and then. When she asked me if I wanted to get into her ‘Plant-based Talk’, I immediately said yes. Also just really nice to meet her.

En so I went, on one of the hottest days of the year, to her beautiful home in Ulft.

What an enthusiastic woman and super what she does. She has now also started selling dog cakes (secretly also for cats, I have samples for the kitten who will be living with us in 2 weeks).

View the video below, in which I tell more about why I started doing what I do and what I want to achieve.

I see many start-ups struggling because they have no retail experience. They often ask me: when will I be ready? I have developed a framework and working method for this. You can always schedule an informal meeting with me.

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