Maximum profitability
from your most powerful position

We help you as a supplier of sustainable food products to build lifetime relationships worth millions. Achieve the most profitable collaborations in a short time through Pure Profit™, the preferred method of the most successful managers in the food industry.

Escape price pressure and move towards lifetime relationships of top value

As a food brand or supplier of a food brand, you want to achieve that leading position in the market. That of a category captain and that of most valuable partner for your customers.

The road towards it is not fast enough and certainly not profitable enough. 

You want to get away from that continuous price discussion and dependence on your customers and move towards profitable and long-term relationships where you are much more in control.

What you deliver is a sustainable and innovative proposition. With your leading position, the norm in the market is changing, or with your proposition, a new market or category arises. And you want your company to be that game-changer, and you don’t want that opportunity to be taken by someone else.

That’s why there’s Pure Profit™: our proven method that helps customers break free from price pressure and form powerful relationships time and time again, for a huge profit increase in turnover and effectiveness. As a result, we help you as an established food brand or supplier, to the most powerful position and form profitable partnerships.

Are you that future leader in your category and ready for more profit on every front? Schedule a meeting with our founder Danielle and she’ll show you the perspective she sees for you. Concrete and to the point. Guaranteed a new perspective.

Worked with:

Pure Profit™ for leading food brands and their partners:

For sustainable food brands and private label suppliers who want to grow to the position of captain of the category. 

Maximally profitable from your most powerful position towards the category leader.

Suppliers of food brands who, with their sustainable ingredients/technologies or other innovative sourcing, want to grow into the most valuable partner of their customers.

From being exchangeable and having much discussion about price, to maximally profitable from your most powerful position.

Over the past >19 years, our founder Danielle has helped many food companies to extremely profitable, long-term multimillion-dollar deals.

Before founding her company, she held various commercial management roles at companies such as Dr. Oetker and Hessing (responsible for >80 million turnover at the age of 33). 

In 2018, she won the ‘Industry trophy’ with the team. This was the first year that Hessing won within the total Private Label Fresh category. This award says that your customers rate you as the best supplier.

Now we help companies with sustainable propositions to reach the position of leader.

In recent years, we have helped many companies towards long-term relationships, which are much more profitable.

We do this with our method: Pure Profit™.

With this, we have helped established food brands and suppliers time and time again to achieve a huge profit increase in turnover and time.

Pure Profit™ leads them to the most powerful position and the associated partnerships.

Away from price pressure and interchangeability. On to long-term, profitable relationships.

Book a mega profit in turnover and time with our Pure Profit™ method. The 5 pillars are:


Acting on the biggest levers for growth


The leader in your own category


Not a relationship, but a powerful partnership


A rock-solid product range with which you win with your customers


Achieve much more in less time. At a higher ROI.


Acting on the biggest levers for growth


The leader in your own category


Not a relationship, but a powerful partnership


A rock-solid product range with which you win with your customers


Achieve much more in less time. At a higher ROI.

Identify your biggest winning chances in 2 hours with our Pure Profit™ Plan.

Karina Marsilje

Market Developer Manager Duynie Group

‘We are very satisfied with the result. With specific questions and a good pitch, we quickly came to a challenging presentation with which one of the largest food companies in the world now wants to work with us. This is a collaboration of almost one million Euros of purchase value.

We are now extending this method to customers in other segments.’

Our founder has been working in the FMCG industry for >19 years

As a manager, Danielle worked at parties such as Nestlé, Dr. Oetker, Cloetta (confectionery), Bel (cheese), and Hessing (sliced vegetables, fruit, and salads).

In these companies, she achieved fantastic results. From winning multiple awards to becoming a commercial manager at 33, responsible for 80 million.

Time and time again, she was able to improve relationships with our customers, make them more profitable, and bring in good new customers.


After almost 15 years in the food industry, she started to delve more into the effect of our food system on the world. She soon discovered that a much more sustainable and a more plant-based diet is a great solution to many challenges.

But she didn’t know why, even though she worked with food all day.

And why is the transition to more sustainable food so incredibly slow?

Retailers, caterers, and suppliers indicated to her that they would like to have more sustainable products in the portfolio, but that it is not yet possible to commercialize it properly.

She saw suppliers of sustainable products struggle with the enormous price pressure and really positioning themselves as a partner in the market.

Then she decided: this can be done differently.

Now she is the only one in the Netherlands who combines this track record with expertise and a huge network in sustainability and the plant-based industry.

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You are a manager and/or founder at a plant-based supplier. Someone with big ambitions. Making an impact is important to you. And to become better as a company. Because you want to become one of the most important suppliers of your customers. And stay that way.

I can help you with that.

You strive for a plant-based world with your company. Whether this is for health reasons, love for the animals or for the climate. Or a combination of these reasons. Of course, you also want to sell as many of your products as possible. Not only for the turnover, but also because you want to leave the world better than you found it.

You want to be the best supplier. The aim is not only a growing market share, you also want to be a sustainable partner for your customers. So that the plant-based business grows.

I like to work with companies like yours.

Because if plant-based suppliers are the best, my mission comes closer:


Our customers and partners include:

I am Danielle Mol...

… founder of The GreenUp Company. It is my mission to make plant-based eating the norm within retail. More green on the shelves. By helping suppliers grow and become the best.  In other words: let’s GreenUp.

That growth is extremely necessary, that growth. For the climate, for our health, for the animals (by the way, I’m curious about your motivation….).

When I got my first job after college more than 15 years ago, it was my big dream to make a career. I made huge strides and became commercial manager at Hessing at 33 years old, responsible for 80 million euros, with a team of 5 people. We won awards and were successful.

Still, I resigned. I always dreamed of a trip around the world. We travelled overland to India, through Iran and Pakistan (yes, I like to deviate from the beaten track).

After returning, I decided to commit myself to my mission: that plant-based eating becomes the norm.

I now combine my commercial experience in retail, with my passion and experience as a consumer. I myself have been eating plant-based for five years.

You want to be the best supplier


Companies with a relatively new brand/concept, who want to enter retail who understand that you only get the basics right once.

For companies that are already active in retail who believe that things can and should be improved. Companies that are ready for the next level.

“We can now make better decisions in our strategy.”

Danielle helped us to identify the opportunities and threats on the supermarket shelf.
Her report allowed us to make better decisions in our strategy.
Danielle is passionate about her work and really submerges herself in the product and the world around it.
Her calm, proactive approach and structured way of working meant that we really benefitted from working with her.

Chantal Engelen I Dutch Edamame

“Through the collaboration, we have discovered new growth opportunities."

The collaboration with Danielle has been very good. With her input we have been able to improve our trade marketing. Through her experience and knowledge, she brings interesting insights.

Mark Duppen I commercial

Manager Limax Mushrooms

Because if plant-based suppliers are the best, my mission comes closer: